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 Steel House Doggy Daycare

Classes Offered:


1) Puppy Class (6 weeks)
Group 1: June 9th-July 14th (Tues. 7:15PM-8:15PM)
Group 2: June 11th-July 16th (Thurs. 7:15PM- 8:15PM)

For the most up to date class schedules and sign up information, please refer to www.woofraiser.ca

Puppy Class Description:
The #1 goal of puppy class is for your puppy to learn that the world is a safe place. The critical socialization window closes for puppies roughly around 5-18 weeks of age. Puppies in this stage of development have brains like sponges, soaking up information about the world around them and learning what is safe and what isn’t safe. Puppy classes are designed for puppies up to 5 months in a fun, positive, reward-based class. Puppies must have their second set of shots.

Classes will Cover:
• Appropriate puppy socialization
• Walking nicely on a leash
• How to read puppy/dog’s body language
• Learning about bite inhibition
• How to greet people appropriately without jumping up
• Body handling
• Preventing food aggression (Accepting people near his food bowl)
• Taking treats from hand gently
• Sit, down, touch, leave it, take it, drop it
• Impulse Control - teaching patience
• Safe exposure- (objects, sights and sounds)
• How to play and bond with your puppy
• How to help prevent separation anxiety
• Addressing problems you may be having


2) Good Manners Class (6 weeks)

Group 1: June 29th-August 3rd (Mon. 7:15PM- 8:15PM)

For the most up to date class schedules and sign up information, please refer to www.woofraiser.ca

Good Manners Class Description:
Class runs one hour a week for six weeks. No dogs will be present for the first class as the trainer will use this time to go through an Introductory PowerPoint Presentation. Good Manners should be a necessary class for every adult dog and is designed for dogs at least 5 months or older. Owners and dogs really bond together during this class.

Classes will Cover:

  • Learn sit, down, stay, leave it, watch, touch, and recall.

  • Clients will learn important dog body language and dog bite prevention.

  • Dogs learn impulse control and focus.


General Information:

The following information applies to ALL training classes offered at Steel House Doggy Daycare

About the Trainer:

Kathy Belec – ABCDT, CPDT-KA
      I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) which is the highest level of recognition in dog training. This certification is given by the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) and has worldwide recognition. This means I have completed many hours as a lead instructor, volunteered training dogs and passed a rigorous dog-training exam. In order to keep this designation, I must attend continuing education courses taught by leaders in the field. I have chosen to pursue the CPDT-KA designation because of its code of ethics, scientifically proven dog training techniques and level of professionalism that comes with continuing my education, keeping my skills cutting edge. My CPDT-KA certification has given me the paper to back up my experience and capabilities and gives me credibility on a grander scale that is useful; rescues, shelters, veterinarians, and other professionals are more likely to refer to me.


Policies and Procedures:

  • Dogs must be people and dog friendly (reactive dogs will not be permitted to enroll in group classes).

  • The trainer reserves the right to ask any dog to leave if they feel the dog is not suited for class or is unsafe.

  • All owners must show proof of core vaccinations before the dog enters the facility. Updated flea/tick/lice prevention treatments are also strongly recommended.

  • No refunds after classes begin unless veterinarian notice is provided.

  • Waiver and registration forms must be completed prior to attending the first class.

  • Payment must be received prior to first class.


Special Considerations for Modified Social Distancing Classes:

  • Only 6 dogs/puppies per class.

  • Only 2 people(family) per dog/puppy.

  • Once in training facility everyone must remain in their assigned area at all times.

  • Unless otherwise instructed, refrain from visiting other people, or going up directly to the instructor.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available to use during classes.

  • No sharing of leashes.

  • People will be asked to stay home if they have any symptoms or have been in contact with someone that has been ill.

  • Classes will be restricted in size to ensure there are less than 15 people in the facility at any given time. Social distancing of 6 feet and no leash handling by staff. Only one person/dog coming in and out of the facility at a given time.


How to Sign Up:
Register online at www.woofraiser.ca


6 Week Class:  $200/dog


Payment Options:
Payment must be made ahead of time to hold a spot in the class.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions we will be accepting payment by E-transfer ONLY to reduce physical contact.
E-transfer:  made to Kathy@woofraiser.ca
Any questions may be directed to Kathy Belec by phone (780)-819-9623 or email Kathy@woofraiser.ca








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