Class Descriptions

At Steel House Doggy Daycare, we offer a variety of training classes and we have partnered with four amazing trainers to meet your every need. Scroll to learn more about each of our training classes and to find out which course is right for you!

Weekly Puppy Social

Trainer: Christine’s Critter Care & Training (Christine Hynes)
Requirements: For puppies 2 to 5 months old with their 2nd set of vaccinations. Must be friendly with other dogs.
Drop off your puppy for an hour of supervised socialization with other pups led by a Certified Dog Trainer! You can come for one session or make it a regular drop-in, just make sure you notify the trainer at least 2 days before the session. Each $20 session will run Sundays from 4:00-5:00pm starting on June 20th. Contact Christine at (780)239-2775 to sign up for a session.

Puppy Class

Trainer: Raise the Woof Dog Training (Kathy Belec)
Requirements: For puppies up to 5 months old
The #1 goal of puppy class is for your puppy to learn that the world is a safe place. The critical
socialization window closes for puppies roughly around 5-18 weeks of age. Puppies in this stage of
development have brains like sponges, soaking up information about the world around them and
learning what is safe and what isn’t safe. Puppy classes are designed for puppies up to 5 months in a
fun, positive, reward-based class. Puppies must have their second set of shots.
Classes will Cover:
• Appropriate puppy socialization
• Walking nicely on a leash
• How to read puppy/dog’s body language
• Learning about bite inhibition
• How to greet people appropriately without jumping up
• Body handling
• Preventing food aggression (Accepting people near his food bowl)
• Taking treats from hand gently
• Sit, down, touch, leave it, take it, drop it
• Impulse Control – teaching patience
• Safe exposure- (objects, sights and sounds)
• How to play and bond with your puppy
• How to help prevent separation anxiety
• Addressing problems you may be having

Puppy Love

Trainer: Hope for Hounds Dog Training (Carolyn MacDonald)
Requirements: For puppies 12 weeks to 6 months old
Puppy love is the warm happy feeling you get when your new little furry friend joins the family.
They leave tiny paw prints all over your heart. The innocents and the untapped potential leave you
full of hope and excitement. What happens when that innocents turns into chaos? Why not start you
puppy on the right paw? In puppy love, we will tackle early socialization and puppy play. Puppies
will experience new surfaces, puzzles and activities that will help shape good choices as they grow.
This is the place to ask any puppy related problems you may have. We will also go over a few basic
commands to help you get going in the correct direction.

Puppy FUNdations

Trainer: Class Act K9’s (Donna Watts)
Requirements: For puppies 3-5 months old
Puppy FUNdations covers all the basics. From socialization in puppy play and for the owners to learn what types of good socialization is required for a well rounded puppy!  We will teach many of cues we will know sit, down, stay, and of course the Emergency recall!  Most important behaviour to learn, that can possibly save your puppies life!  

Teen Obedience

Trainer: Hope for Hounds Dog Training (Carolyn MacDonald)
Requirements: For puppies 6 months to 1.5 years old
Has your once sweet puppy become more work? Did they once listen and now decided you’re not their real parent? Are they becoming more challenging? Are they pushing your buttons? You many have a teen. In Teen Obedience, we work on some self control and basic skills and help build good habits with other pups the same age.

Puppy FUNdamentals

Trainer: Class Act K9’s (Donna Watts)
Requirements: For puppies 5-12 months old
This class is for all our older puppies who may have missed socialization but have had some training at home during COVID. Maybe your puppy knows a few cues, but you wish to proof the behaviours?  We will be working on improving basic skills, and start on some new ones and hopefully a trick or two!   We want to make sure your puppy is ready for what the world has to offer soon. Confidence building, body handling, and some safe socialization will also make up a part of this class. We will do this in a fun safe environment for your puppy. Be prepared to come and have FUN with your puppy! 

Pawsitive Puppy Class

Trainer: Christine’s Critter Care & Training (Christine Hynes)
Requirements: For puppies 5 to 9 months old
Join Christine from Christine’s Critter Care & Training for Pawsitive Puppy Class! Learn from a Certified Professional Force-Free Dog Trainer! It will be an exciting & informative learning experience between puppy and parents! Learn Basic Obedience & Puppy Skills to make life a most Pawsitive experience for new Puppy Parents! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Christine at (780)-239-2775

Good Manners

Trainer: Raise the Woof Dog Training (Kathy Belec)
Requirements: For puppies and dogs 5 months and up
Good Manners should be a necessary class for every adult dog and is designed for dogs at least 5 months or older. Owners and dogs really bond together during this class.
Classes will Cover:
• Learn sit, down, stay, leave it, watch, touch, and recall.
• Clients will learn important dog body language and dog bite prevention.
• Dogs learn impulse control and focus.

Recall Class

Trainer: Raise the Woof Dog Training (Kathy Belec)
This class runs for one hour per week for 3 weeks to help you and your pup work on recall skills!

Come Back Here!

Trainer: Hope for Hounds Dog Training (Carolyn MacDonald)
Requirements: For puppies and dogs 1 year and up
Come! Come Here! Get over here! Stop running away from me! Quick get the dog before it takes off! Rex!Rex!Rex! Does this sound like you? Do you wish you dog would simply come when you call? Do you find yourself frustrated and cursing your K-9 companion? Do you think your dog doesn’t like you? Or does your dog run past you or runs away the second you try to put their leash on? Do you feel like you are chasing your dog more then you what to be? Recall is simply that, learning to call you dog and have the skills to be able to leash up without a struggle.

Loose Leash Walking

Trainer: Raise the Woof Dog Training (Kathy Belec)
Sign up for a quick one hour session with a certified professional dog trainer to work on loose leash walking skills with your pup!

At the End of My Leash

Trainer: Hope for Hounds Dog Training (Carolyn MacDonald)
Requirements: For dogs over 1 year
Stop! Stop pulling! Ouch! My arm! Stop pulling you are going to choke! Stop eating everything off the sidewalk! Does this sound like you? Are you tired of your arm being pulled off every time the leash goes on? Are you the “night walker” because you are scared or embarrassed about how you dog acts on the walk? At the end of my leash we will tackle problems on the walk. Learn some loose leash skills and other techniques that will help make walking with your dog less stressful.

Therapy Class

Trainer: Class Act K9’s (Donna Watts)
Requirements: To be tested for CGN the dog must be one year of age to qualify, but you can participate in this course at 6 months old.
Do you think your dog/puppy has what it takes to be a therapy dog? I am a certified CGN (Canine Good Neighbour evaluator).  This class will prepare you for CGN (Canine Good Neighbor) certification. This is a much sought after course to prepare your dog to either do therapy work or just be a well rounded canine good neighbour. We will be covering all the steps in the CGN handbook and more I have added along the way.  I am hoping we can do some outings to practice these behaviours outside of class. To prepare for certification, you and your dog must complete these 12 Steps:
1.Accepting A Friendly Stranger
2.Politely Accepts Petting
3.Appearance and Grooming
4.Out For A Walk
5.Walking Through A Crowd
6.Sit/Down On Command and Stay In Place
7.Come When Called
9.Reaction To A Passing Dog
10.Reaction To Distractions
11.Supervised Isolation
12.Walking Through A Door/Gate

Reactive Ruff 101

Trainer: Christine’s Critter Care & Training (Christine Hynes)
Requirements: Virtual assessment required before class registration
Reactive Dogs are dogs that cannot be walked on leash without lunging / barking or even growling at changes in their environment. They may bark at other dogs, cats or people while on walks. Reactive dogs can fall into two categories:
1. Dogs that are reactive and unfriendly with other dogs while on leash OR off leash
2. Dogs that are reactive on leash but can socialize off leash
No matter which category you fall into, this class will be right for you. In this class we will show you how to change your dog’s reactive behavior. You’ll understand why your dog might be reactive, how to lower stress in your dog, build calmness and attention, train alternate behaviors to reactivity or over-arousal, reinforce the absence of reactivity and most importantly build your dog’s confidence and trust in you. You will learn to truly master the dog walk.
There is no longer a need to feel lost or confused when your dog becomes reactive. You will learn how to feel more confident and comfortable in different situations and around other dogs. You will have new skills to utilize in these once-stressful situations so you will realize that you can relax as well since you will know what to do and how to avoid or manage the triggers that were once unpredictable. You will learn to read your dog and communicate on a different level.
In the Reactive Dog Class you will:
-Acquire the tools you need to understand and handle your dog with confidence.
-Learn what your leash-reactive dog is doing, why he’s doing it, and how to change it.
-Teach your dog to relax and trust you while out on walks.
-Develop a better working relationship with your dog.
-Learn how to decrease the stress in your dog and teach him / her confidence and focus.
-Work with your dog in a controlled, supportive environment with a small group of dog owners who understand your issues because they share them.
In class, the dogs will be separated from each other by the use of visual barriers. Slowly, as you gain skills and your dog gains confidence and starts to shed fears, the individual dogs will begin to work together from a decreasing distance. The dog and handler team will move at the pace best suited to their individual needs.
The Reactive Dog class is initially held indoors. As the dogs and owners gain skills we move to a secure, fenced area outside and finally graduate to a real-life environment. If you have any questions, please contact Christine at (780)-239-2775
**Important Note: This is a 7-week class. The initial class is for owners only to outline the class and practice skills (no dogs). The first class runs 1 hour, with other classes running 1 hour.